Trans* Therapy & Counseling in O.C

- you are a worthwhile person

You KNOW who you are - whether it is gender queer, trans, someone in between or a combo. Maybe this journey is super confusing and a dysphoria in the craziest kind of way. On the inside you recognize yourself but there might be some building blocks on the outside that doesn’t quite match up...

Realizing You might be Trans* or gender questioning?

– freaked out about it?

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Embracing your life can be difficult when you sense that the world, family and society is out to get you because your appearance or anatomy don’t quite seem to be the "norm" compared to the social standard. All these words: Intersex, gender identity, FTM, MTF, gender queer, transsexual, cross dresser, transgender, drag….. are often misrepresented in society and carries stigma or hurtful words with it. 

Being Trans* – Living Wrong

Being trans exists on a continuum where your unique experiences and expressions are what matters. However, you are constantly reminded that it feels wrong externally when looking at yourself in the mirror, visit the doctor, have your period, fill out paperwork, show your driver’s license, hang out with family or hide your expression for some - while out to others.

Your Own Worst Enemy - Getting Help

If I transition, does that make me "someone else"?

Having lived for too long as someone you are not can send anyone for a spin, down the drain, in the dumps, struggling and to the point of self-hatred emerging.

Life becomes just a matter of existing rather than living. When it has come to the do or die situation it is still NOT too late to seek professional help to find a way to be the real you...     

- not hidden in the closet, not part time - but the real you FULL TIME so you can live your reality.

You are NOT alone! I would like to hear your story.

How Can I Help – Being in Counseling and Therapy

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Maybe you are nonconforming, in transition or already live as the true you FULL TIME.

As a trans affirmative therapist and counselor who is sensitive to your specific issues I get that there might be some struggles surrounding anxiety, sadness, depression, confusion, sexual orientation, intimacy, coming out, family conflict, fear of rejection and more.

Society does not dictate who you are – you can find a way to self-identify.

I can help you embrace yourself and work on becoming the best you – you can be. Maybe all you need is a safe space to chat about general stuff that happens as life passes by. I may write a letter after requirements are met or at the proper time.

Together we can find a way for you to reach your goals.

Trans* safe space oc

If you would like to inquire about LGBTQ affirmative counseling, support and guidance in your transition from a therapist who is part of the LGBTQ community or set an appointment for counseling and therapy at the Orange County office location, please don't hesitate to call me today at 949 287 3415 or email via the contact form by clicking HERE.

Counseling Office:

2900 Bristol Street, Suite G 101

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transitioning?

- the process of changing one's gender at birth to match the internal sense of gender

What is HRT?

- HRT is the abbreviation for Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is SRS/GRS?

- SRS and GRS is the abbreviation for Sex Reassignment Surgery and Gender Reassignment Surgery

What is WPATH?

- WPATH is the World Professional Association of Transgender Health


Some photos from Trans* Pride 2016

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