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Welcome LGBTQ Professionals and Allies

WORKSHOPS, SEMINAR, Public Speaking or Panel

for clinicians, mental health professionals and Organizations

LGBTQ and non-binary Sensitivity and diversity training: Basic skills, diversity issues, terminology/lingo, awareness, increased competence, impact on families/children, equality....

I offer public speaking and psycho-educational workshops in Orange County or other locations. The gay, lesbian, LGBTQ diversity topics are tailored to you and could cover of areas such as:

  • Working with the LGBTQ population

  • Diversity within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, non-binary and Trans* community

  • Do's N Dont's

  • Cultural Awareness

  • LGBTQ/GLBT Issues

  • Fitting in and more

  • Corporate Sensitivity Training

  • Therapist Consultation on LGBTQ Issues

Furthermore, I am active in the community and also available as a guest lecturer in school or university settings.

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For example I have presented on the LGBTQ part of both "Human Sexuality"  and "Family & Relationship" classes at Chapman University as well as for Intensive Outpatient Programs, Organizations and Corporations.

I can cater my talks and presentations to your courses such as psychology, counseling, social work, human relationship, sexuality etc.

I also offer training and consultation for mental health professionals and corporations working with the LGBTQ community.

If you have questions, concerns or don't know how to navigate working with a client - or would like to know more - call me to schedule a consult (949) 287 3415.

Support, help, guidance for interns and private practice professionals

Stressed out being an intern or professional in private practice or contemplating entering into a private practice setting? I have been there - I get it!

If you would like or need some extra support and a safe place where you can brainstorm and learn how to deal with: speed bumps, stress, finding a niche/specialty, how to network, building a website, PR/Marketing ideas, attracting clients, burn out, time management, feeling stuck and lost or maybe just not knowing what the next step would be...

Call me today (949) 287 3415 to learn more about how I can help.

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