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LGBTQ Affirmative Therapist in O.C

Marlene ("Mar-lei-na") Klarborg Larsen, M.S., LMFT - CALL TODAY (949) 287 3415

Currently accepting new clients

Update: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday availability per August 2019

Here you are… You found my website. Look around on this page and the sub pages. Connect with me if you have any questions. I would like to hear your story. I don’t bite!

My office is NOT the place for conversion therapy nor reparative therapy...

- so PLEASE don't ask me to repair or convert your friend, family member or child.


I was interviewed 5/29/2018 by KTLA 5 in support of banning conversion therapy and sexual change efforts.

Click photo to view the video.

Bruises of the heart that can't be seen... UPHILL BOTH WAYS - Just Existing, Not Living? When things happen in life, it is easy for friends to try and come to your rescue, but sometimes they just don't understand. (Be it that you are curious or out already)…

As an unbiased third party and LGBTQ Affirmative Therapist I can provide support and help you get along in your trans*, queer, non-binary, gay or lesbian relationship with your partner and family. I am glad you found me - I am on your side...

BROKEN PROMISES... Painful lies. Discovering the person you thought you knew - you never knew at all. What's under the hood? Overheard words, family conflict, chaos, a void - silence... Is a toxic relationship, nasty break up, co-parenting, dealing with an ex or talking "below the belt" or lack of collaboration getting to you?

You and I know that relationships change over time. It may feel like you are out of sync...

On any given day, week or month 95% of my clients are from the LGBTQ community.

This is what I do...You are not alone!

I can guide and assist you in sorting through all the emotions and figure out where to go from here. I have a calm office with soothing music - a place where you can reclaim yourself.


What is an LGBTQ FRIENDLY (versus LGBTQ AFFIRMATIVE) therapist?

My answer: "An LGBTQ friendly therapist is okay having a person from that community on their couch" - however, the therapist might never have done therapy with the LGBT community or only here and there, maybe had 1-2 clients in a year, 5 years or decade.

Of course I am "LGBTQ Friendly" because you are welcome on my couch - but moreover I am LGBTQ AFFIRMING/AFFIRMATIVE.

I do not judge, I do NOT believe there is something wrong by being LGBTQ (insert all letters).

NO conversion therapy - but LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy.

If you have any questions about fees, insurance or procedures, please call me or read more on the drop down menu FAQ.

I am part of the community

If you would like to inquire about LGBTQ affirmative counseling and support from a multilingual therapist in O.C. who is also part of the community or set an appointment for trans*, non-binary, gay, lesbian, same sex counseling and therapy, contact me today by calling: (949) 287 3415 or you can send me an email. I'd like to hear your story.

Cruise around on the website, check out the various subpages and issues that is of interest to my clients and me. When you are ready to make the call or submit an inquiry using the contact form, I am more than happy to connect with you. Reaching out is often the hardest part.

I am an open and out cisgender gay therapist.

I have been where you are. I get it…

New location per 7/1/2018 at The Waters at Creekside

2900 Bristol Street, G-101 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The office is located close to John Wayne Airport and next to The Lab Anti-Mall. Cross streets are Randolph Ave and Bristol Street.

Lots of free parking!


Multilingual or Fluency

English, Danish, German, Norwegian & Swedish

I Do NOT Judge

As a therapist, advocate and ally who is also part of the community, you will notice that: I'm on your side!


Guest lecturer Chapman University for graduates in “school counseling/psychology degree”. (August 2019)

Guest lecturer Chapman University “Diversity in Marriage and Family” (Oct 2018)

Guest lecturer Chapman University "Working with LGBTQ+ Clients" (April 2018)

Guest lecturer Chapman University "Marriage & Diversity" (Oct 2017)

Guest lecturer Chapman University "Marriage & Family" (March 2017)

Guest lecturer Chapman University "Human Sexuality" (Jan 2017)

TDOR "Transgender Day of Remembrance" Orange County (Nov 2016)

Panel & Guest Speaker on Trans* Issues (Sept 2016)

LGBT sensitivity speaker at an Outpatient Clinic (Aug 2016)

MAAT Meeting (Men's Association for Addiction Treatment) July 2016

Trans* Pride OC 7/2/16

WAAT (Women's Assn. for Addiction Treatment) 6/2016

I am a multilingual therapist: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German. As an immigrant myself and a multilingual therapist I get other nuances and aspects that might affect your daily life. Some of my clients are immigrants, cross-cultural, bi-national couples, blended families or multicultural from all over the world.

As a multilingual LGBT/GLBT affirmative therapist I aid adults, parents and children through individual, couples, partner, marriage and family counseling (also called "talk therapy") in Orange County, Southern California.

Furthermore, since in 2011 I have provided counseling and therapy on and off at The LGBT Center OC in Santa Ana, CA as well as getting specialized training. 

I am part of the community I do not judge. Marlene Klarborg Larsen associate marriage and family therapist gay identified.jpg


I have a special interest in researching and helping gay fathers, lesbian moms, non gestational parents (NGP) and have especially researched the "Experience of Non-Biological Lesbian Mothers"  and the "Effect of Gay and Lesbian Parenting on Children".

Whereas, lesbian, gay parents and same sex couples raise children similarly to heterosexual couples and face similar problems, you may also have a different experience because of society's attitude and beliefs surrounding the non-biological lesbian mother, non-biological gay father, motherhood, gay rights and same sex lifestyle.

For the children of Same Sex couples it can appear to be the "wild west" as each state has different protective laws. This is especially true when it comes to Family Building and Toxic Relationships or Nasty Divorces.

We all want what is best for the children - no matter what partner, spouse, husband or wife the parents love.

Call Today 949 287 3415



About "mar-lei-na"

Find out more about me, my background and education. I'm the LGBT Affirmative therapist on your side. My office is your safe space and an opportunity to grow.

LGBT Therapy & Counseling

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Still got Questions

Ready for the next step? Contact me via email or phone about availability, scheduling a counseling appointment or other unanswered questions.

A good person in DEEP PAIN who nobody knows how to help... Your journey might be imperfect and total CHAOS. You are NOT ALONE. If you need some LGBT support or have been searching for an "LGBTQ therapist", a "gay friendly counselor", "same sex psychotherapy" - or maybe having some concerns about marriage, dating, sexuality or gender issues - Let me help you with your unresolved goal(s). I am on your side. 



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LGBT Help, LGBT Counseling, Gay Therapy

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