Gay, Lesbian and Trans*: Parental Alienation

Parenting in the Red Zone

You are a meaningful parent

There might be Marriage Equality but not Divorce Equality yet...

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CAN'T BREATHE... no end to overwhelming emotions - needing support to stop the "merry-go-round" cycle. Feeling like the other parent has given up on our child. Doing everything but accomplishing nothing - the reoccurring pattern.


Parental Alienation Counseling therapy reunification OC
Something needs to change, but I don't feel heard, can't find my voice and pull out of it. Now what - how do I take care of myself. How do I move on. How do I live the life I imagined. Nothing seems to be the right answer. Don't know where to begin. Looking for encouragement and a ray of hope.

It is a land mine out there....

Who am I now that everything has been taken away?

The children of straight parents are protected across The United States of America by the Uniform Parentage Act. However, for children of LGBT parents it is "The Wild West" as each state has different laws.

No matter what family is going through parental alienation, it is ultimately the child who has to endure the chaos and remains the victim.

Talking to an ex, alienation though divorce and co-parenting might get you in the red zone.

Maybe some regrets are part of you feeling that the transition is difficult?

Maybe your children are spending most of the days with your ex and you just miss them so much. There is an emptiness inside during the holidays and 3 day holiday weekends. You don't feel you get enough time with the kids because you don't live together anymore...

"One day I went to pick up my child at pre-school, but she had been picked up by my ex and went to another country..."
"A parent's love cannot be taken away although my ex changed my child's legal name..."
"It was horrible. I felt my country undermined my standing as a parent..."
"It has been a long journey navigating the reunification process"
"My partner fled with my child to 3 different states..."
"My ex is lying left, right and center...."
"I have not seen my child for 2 years..."

Do you feel left out?

Do you feel that you are a "visitor" in your child's life?

OVERWHELMED... Being a father, mother, daddy or mommy can seem like a whirlwind of challenges when you can't find your voice or assert yourself.

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Navigating being separated and a second class parent after a devastating divorce may affect your relationship with your ex, children and family.

Although you took upon you the obligation, responsibility and was liable for your child, you are now seeing your child being discriminated against due to their parents' relationship status.

Filled with irritation, frustration, stress or guilt towards the family and friends? Can't get your own needs met. Now what? - devote more time at work, self sabotage or reconnect with yourself and the family? Nothing seems to be the right answer. Co-parenting and parental alienation can cause piercing pain when it seems out of control. YOU ARE a meaningful parent, your child needs the emotional support of two same-sex parents, even if the journey seems bumpy at times...

Having tried talking to friends, coworkers or family, not finding someone to help navigate through the minefield of emotions- talking to a third party might be an option. Don't wait one more day. I would be honored to help you! The hardest part is calling me.

Take the first step to help. Call me today at (949) 287 3415 or send me an email

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