LGBT Divorce & Domestic Partnership Dissolution

There may be federal Marriage Equality - but not Divorce Equality across state lines...

It ended on a high note as the late night arguments became a reality.

The parody of a once so "wonderful" relationship.

What was overheard in our relationship?

It has been some difficult days figuring out what to do.

Saying goodbye to a relationship, the past, the experience - even the conflicts.

There is only chaos left - a void - a silence. The near future seems very difficult, scary and anxiety provoking - my security. How do I face my family. I am so afraid of feeling alone, abandoned and vulnerable. It is hard to be happy, because everything seems so sad. What do I do?

I have tried talking to people to get through the rough days. How do I find myself again - my identity, the strength, the willingness and the courage to move on.

This is a new beginning, but it still hurts...

Painful Lies - Toxic Relationships - Piercing Pain

Holding it together? 

Restoring trust, transitions and well-being may not even be within reach at the current moment due to some rough years in a gay or lesbian relationship, marriage, domestic partnership or a painful past? Feeling alone and dealing with a great loss can be very draining.

I can meet you where you are at on your personal journey.

Is a toxic same sex relationship or hatefulness throwing you for a loop and getting in the way of finding a new way to look at life where you can continue to practice compassion? Sometimes a healthy divorce is better than a toxic relationship. Other times clients just need to "detox" their relationship and get new tools to better the communication.

Are you scared having to tell the kids about the divorce because the situation has become so intense and full of hardship and intimidation?

Court Readiness: LGBTQ Partnership Dissolution & Same Sex Divorce

Do you need help and support with difficult or toxic LGBTQ family law issues that you can't seem to resolve by your self?

Going to court and dealing with LGBTQ partnership dissolution or same sex divorce can be an emotional roller coaster. Even if family law attorneys are involved, they sometimes don't understand the pain or emotions that are under the skin, because their focus is on the strategy, tactic and getting the best outcome for you and your family. Being served with papers, having to attend a deposition or being on the stand can also trigger stress, anxiety or frustration - especially when you don't know what to expect. I can help you find ways to remain calm and prepare for an appearance with new tools in your tool box so you can regulate your emotions better.

I can help you regroup, release pain and find other alternatives. Same Sex Divorce affects the whole family - not only the couple. Your personal journey might not appear easy. I am on your side!

Having tried talking to friends or family, not finding someone to help navigate through the minefield of emotions and still lacking stability - talking to a third party might be an option. Don't wait one more day. I have gone through this and I would be honored to help you!

The hardest part is calling me. Take the first step to help. Call me today at (949) 287 3415

Gays, Lesbians & Trans* - Dealing with Exes

Sometimes it appears that there is no ”filter” when talking to an ex after a break up or divorce, even if it first seemed like the right thing because you didn’t see eye to eye or you grew apart.

Dealing with exes, gay and lesbian Therapy in OC Marlene Klarborg Larsen

Maybe one of you found someone “better”, one had an affair, it was an abusive relationship or there was just too much turmoil.

How do you improve your relationship with your ex if you still see each other at gay or lesbian social gatherings, share friends or have children together? Dealing with exes when you don’t live together anymore, recently divorced or separated and trying to move on can be difficult to say the least - especially if one or both of you are engaging in nasty or inappropriate remarks to each other.

In a new relationship...

Gay Divorce Counseling LGBT Therapy Break Up Therapy4LGBT Marlene Klarborg Larsen Gay and lesbian counseling orange county long beach Dealing with Exes.jpg

- but the "ghost of ex' past" is still haunting you and your new Love?

Now what?

Being humble, amicable, polite and NOT defensive is easier said than done. Taking the high route can be difficult when all you really want to do is “say a thing or two”.

gay therapy exes lgbt therapist oc long beach los angeles partner relationship marlene klarborg larsen therapy4lgbt.jpg

Is there some left over residue because you were smothered, trapped and suffocated in your previous relationship which makes it difficult to move on? Setting boundaries and creating a healthy space while treating people kindly can be hard if you were hurt in the past.

Maybe your new lover, girlfriend or boyfriend hasn't broken up "for real" yet and it appears to be a triangle between all of you.

Now you end up having to "share" your partner with somebody else rather than creating a future based upon thinking that you guys were exclusive.

Working through your own stuff is one of the first steps to improve your relationship with your ex and a new partner. Call me today at (949) 287 3415 to see how I can help you move on...

Gay hep in Orange County

Sometimes it just is complicated - you feel drained and close to loosing your mojo - I get it...


Dealing with Exes LGBT Therapy in OC

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