LGBTQ Teens and Young Adults

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... “I just don’t feel like I fit in. I am so afraid of feeling alone that I am trying to hold it together. For the first time I felt like I was true to myself, but I can’t help but think about if I will be lonely, abandoned, and if this was the goodbye to what just was. I have tried talking to peers and some of them seem to understand the painful lies surrounding the mask I live in. So many thoughts are popping up in my head and right now. There is only chaos left – a void – a silence”

Support LGBTQ Teens and Young Adults

In Search of Self? 

Being bisexual, gay or lesbian is part of the way people are interested in the same sex on a sexual and emotional level. However, just because you might have a fantasy or are experimenting with the same sex does not mean that you are bisexual, gay or lesbian.

Dealing with this issue alone can be the freakiest weirdest thing in the whole world and sometimes we just roll with the punches. Being in therapy can help you express your feelings, deal with conflicts and understand yourself better. You are not alone!

Coming Out?

Coming out is a process because not only are you coming out to yourself, but also to family, friends and acquaintances maybe even to the person at the grocery store. When people want you to come out, even if you are not ready – that hurts, it is a betrayal and maybe even a safety issue. There are boundaries that might seem blurred at first. Maybe you need it a little bit black/white in the beginning until you find your way into the grey area… Coming out is YOUR CHOICE not anybody else.

I am your ally - Your advocate

I understand the complexity of the personal and societal layers that influence, add additional stress or may set the agenda for growth in your gay or lesbian life and relationships. I continue to promote awareness about gay and lesbian issues and can meet you where you are at on your personal journey. Parents, family and friends ofthe LGBT community are a big part of the support network. Individual, couples or family counseling is a safe way to grow, heal and work on relationships, coming out, discrimination, LGBT and gay rights and fitting in.


LGBT Support for Teens and Young Adults 

You might feel different, guilty, worry or sense a rejection by peers while not getting the support you deserve. Discovering that the family and friends you thought you knew - you never knew at all may leave bruises of the heart that can't be seen. There might be broken promises or painful lies that have thrown you for a loop because people turned their back on you.

Finding the other invisible side of you is not easy even when people say that the world is different now. Growing into the person you would like to be can be difficult when the people who were supposed to love you unconditionally are saying that you have to continue to live a life based on their false hope that you are straight because you will embarrass them or their community.

When things happen in life, it is easy for friends to try and come to your rescue, but sometimes they just don't understand the piercing pain when struggling with sexuality, identity and they rather react as if you have a contagious disease.

It may feel like you are out of sync. I get it. I can help you sort through all the emotions and figure out where to go from here. Improving communication and learning new skills can alleviate pain and help you overcome temporary speed bumps that seems to be a crazy never ending roller coaster ride. Figure out how to set boundaries and have healthy relationships even with everyday ups and downs or when you are tired of the overwhelming nitty gritty things.

I have a calm office with soothing music - a place where you can reclaim yourself. Please allow me to share my knowledge acquired through education and life experience. I do not judge, I do not use conversion therapy - but rather LGBT Affirmative Therapy and Counseling. I am on your side!

You might ask how you find yourself again – your identity, the strength, the willingness and courage to move on. Healing starts with a phone call. Call me today (949) 287 3415 or email me