About Marlene Klarborg Larsen, M.S. (Pronoun: She | Her | Hers)

Ask for "Mar-lei-na"

Marlene Klarborg Larsen LGBTQ Affirming counseling Orange County CA lesbian therapist gay couples los angeles long beach california

I am an open and out cisgender gay therapist. I have been where you are. I get it!

People ask me "What is an LGBT friendly therapist"?

My answer: "Being okay having a person from that community on their couch" - however, the therapist might never have done therapy with that community or only here and there, maybe had 1-2 clients in a year, 5 years or decade.

Of course I am "LGBT Friendly" because you are welcome on my couch - but moreover I am LGBT AFFIRMING/AFFIRMATIVE and part of the community myself. So... you don't have to explain everything to me, I already get it.

I do not judge, I do NOT believe there is something wrong by being LGBTQ (insert all letters).

On any given day, week or month 95% of my clients are from the LGBTQ community.

This is what I do...

My office is NOT the place for conversion therapy nor reparative therapy... so please don't ask me to repair or convert your family member or child.


I was interviewed 5/29/2018 by KTLA 5 as California Faith and LGBTQ leaders united to support AB2943 banning Conversion Therapy. This bill would include, as an unlawful practice prohibited under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, offering services constituting sexual orientation change efforts.

The bill would also declare the intent of the Legislature in this regard. I support AB2943 banning conversion therapy in California. Click photo to view the video.

A turning point

Maybe you have never seen a therapist before and believe that individual, partner, marriage and family issues are personal. I have been there - I get it. - seeking help from a trained therapist professional can improve or alleviate the pain and struggles you are juggling.

It does not mean that there is something wrong with you even if you see a therapist or seek support for individual, couples, marriage or family therapy. Finding an LGBTQ affirmative therapist and going to counseling sessions is an opportunity and not a crutch for the weak person. "Gay Counseling" - " Lesbian Therapy" - "Trans* Support" - "LGBT help" - can be a turning point where you explore yourself, relationships, marriage, communication, reflect and create goals so you achieve a more satisfying life.

My approach

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I show up fully for my clients. Therapy with me also includes the down to earth moments of laughter, clients sharing their silly jokes and just embracing LGBTQ diversity no matter what path you are on. A client once said "the authenticity, presence and energy you modeled has been felt. I can breathe again".

Rationalizing doesn't heal our heart. During obstacles and difficult times, counseling can help achieve balance and confidence. My approach is person-centered/integrative and tailored to your needs. Having tried talking to friends, not finding someone to help navigate - talking to a third party might be an option. As a same sex therapist I know it can seem shameful seeking help for LGBT issues. You are NOT alone. The hardest part is calling me. Don't wait one more day. I would be honored to help.

Let me help you and your family in crisis by increasing your coping skills, heal core issues and improve well-being.

LGBT/GLBT Affirmative Therapist

I work well with people of all ages, genders and orientations (LGBT / GLBT Affirmative Therapist) - even when you are tired of coping with difficult life changes, grief, loss or personal growth opportunities, I am the LGBT therapist who understand and can provide counseling therapy that makes a difference in your life.  I have experience in working with the gay and lesbian community in Orange County.

Previously, I worked at "The Center OC" (The Gay & Lesbian Community Services of Orange County) helping gay couples, transgender clients, lesbian partners, LGBT individuals through life's struggles. My cultural awareness and insight, as well as applying my knowledge from different cultures, helps me create a safe environment where you can process and work towards healing and growth.

What is LGBT Affirmative Therapy?

Well, it is the opposite of reparative therapy or conversion therapy. I believe in you! You may already be too familiar with the internet search "where to get counseling in Orange County" and I am only a phone call away?

Seeking effective individual, couples, family or partner counseling, helps you develop, rebuild or maintain healthy relationships. Marriage and Family Therapy is only a phone call away!

Call 949-287-3415 today. I would like to hear your story...

Change can occur where you may find yourself more empowered and realize that there indeed are new ways to look at life. Having a safe place and receiving some guidance from an LGBTQ counselor who is also part of the community might alleviate the pain, create a momentum or provide the support needed while you come out, deal with a toxic relationship, society, nasty divorce, parental alienation, rejection from family, career change or something totally different.

This is your journey and I will walk right alongside with you.

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What to Expect

Throughout your counseling experience and therapy sessions, you and I may adjust the frequency of the psychotherapy as it depends on your unique issue, need for support and desired outcome. Some clients come for a few months where other people continue longer. Together we will find the right solution for you.

Counseling and Self Care

Being in therapy is a safe place to process and learn new tools in times of struggles. However, if you also neglect your physical health you may run out of steam. Seeing a therapist and remembering to exercise can not only improve your mental health but also posture, body and cardiovascular system. As with anything, it is important to start exercise slow and gradually build up so you do not feel defeated, but indeed are getting out, feeling validated, meeting new people and having fun.

Multilingual counseling

English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German

After a successful business career and having lived in a variety of countries (Denmark, Germany, Norway and the U.S.), my exposure to languages and multicultural diversity has given me a greater understanding of people with whom I come in contact.

Due to my cultural awareness and ability to incorporate a diverse international and business background as a therapist, I understand cross-cultural and multicultural counseling. If you or your family would like therapy in Orange County from a therapist who has cultural awareness and respects your obstacles, then together we can work on a new beginning.

Yes! Clients have said that "you are very European and call a cow for a cow"...



Public Speaking, diversity workshops or panel

I offer public speaking and psycho-educational workshops in a variety of LGBT diversity areas:


  • Working with the LGBT population

  • Diversity within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* community

  • Do's N Dont's

  • Cultural Awareness

  • LGBT/GLBT Issues

  • Fitting in and more


Sensitivity training: Basic skills, diversity issues, terminology/lingo, awareness, increased competence, impact on families/children, equality....


My Degree

Marlene Klarborg Larsen LGBTQ Sensitivity trainLGBTQ Sensitivity and diversity training Basic skills, diversity issues, terminology lingo and awareness. increased competence  LGBTQ.jpg

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology California State University, Fullerton 2009

Masters of Science in Counseling California State University, Fullerton.

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

(CA MFT License #106688).

In order to become licensed in California you have to be under supervision for 3000 hours as well as passing a Law & Ethics exam and a Clinical exam.

Some of my trainee, intern and associate hours were gained at the LGBT Center in Orange County as well as in a private pay/private practice setting in OC.

I continue to enjoy being a witness to my clients' growth, changes and healing. Life is too short to be somebody else.

I am part of the community I do not judge. Marlene Klarborg Larsen associate marriage and family therapist gay identified.jpg

Office Location and LGBT Counseling Services

The counseling office is conveniently located close to the 55, 73 and 405 freeways in Orange County, California. Address: 2900 Bristol Street, Suite G101, Costa Mesa (Cross street Randolph).

Clients come to see me from Los Angeles, Orange County and neighboring counties due to my specialization as a counselor and therapist working with the LGBT community, multicultural and cross cultural issues; be it relationships, marriage, coming out, dealing with society or family conflicts, family building, personal struggles and finding your "true" self.

As an LGBT advocate, LGBT friendly therapist or LGBT Affirmative therapist - I know what it means to have a safe place where you can explore, grow and become the best you - you can be.

You are not alone and I will "walk" right alongside with you on your journey.

I have also offered counseling, collaboration, participate in events and other volunteer work at the LGBTQ Center Orange County as part of my outreach to the community.

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Strategic Planning Committee for CAMFT 2013-2014

California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) CA License #106688

I am a member of OC GAP (Orange County Gender Affirming Professionals)

You are NOT alone!

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