Dating, Marriage & Relationship Counseling for Same Sex Couples and LGBTQ Community

Figure out how to set boundaries and have a healthy relationship even with everyday ups and downs or when you are tired of the overwhelming nitty gritty things of living together. LGBTQ couples or marriage counseling might be an option.

It is a wonderful feeling; being in love, waking up next to your loved one. Same sex couples have similar connections, issues or problems as straight couples regardless of the sexual orientation.

However, some LGBTQ couples also face different challenges that are unique to forming or living a healthy relationship.

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Staying connected in your relationship

- avoid growing apart

Looking for a way to improve your same sex relationship and marriage so you both feel heard?

Making it last so you can grow old together with your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, spouse, wife or husband?

Improving communication and learning new skills can alleviate pain and help you overcome temporary speed bumps or provide support for continuous problems that seems to be a crazy never ending roller coaster ride.

Seeking help for gay marital problems or wanting to explore and get closer in your gay or lesbian relationship is the healthy choice to learn new coping skills when things appear incomplete. Sometimes you need to resolve problems or challenges that put a damper on your life...

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Dealing with relationship problems

- creating a foundation, navigating too much work/business and too little time together, financial concerns, responsibility, anger, depression, anxiety, arguments, domestic violence, divorce or dissolution, parental alienation, dealing with exes, grief, loss and bereavement. Working towards a common goal. No matter if you are looking for gay or lesbian marriage counseling or relationship therapy, the hardest part is reaching out for help. I am only a phone call away.

Dealing with society

- coming out to friends, family or work, religious discrimination, polyamorous families, being a biracial or binational couple, feeling isolated and fitting in.

Romantic Relationship problems

- sex and intimacy issues, top/bottom/versatile, poly, kink, family of choice, commitment, public display of affection, emotional cheating, family building, assisted reproduction, adoption, surrogacy, parenting and co-parenting. Therapy for lesbian moms, gay dads, same sex families or Queer couples may heal your relationship speed bumps and finding a voice so you can understand your partner and yourself better.

Same Sex Marriage Issues

- legal/medical discrimination, creating premarital or prenuptial agreements, stress management, "just the typical marital stuff",  mine - yours and ours, preparing for or planning your wedding or commitment ceremony. As a gay/lesbian therapist who primarily works with the LGBT community (insert all the letters) - I have helped many people, couples, families, parents (biological or non biological) deal with their personal struggles... because that is indeed what it is... Personal!

LGBTQ Relationship Therapist on Your Side

Do you feel stuck?

- the feeling of being "stuck" affects the ability to connect with yourself and others.

difficult saying no?

Are you struggling in your relationship as a couple, parent or partner?

Are you feeling scared, not knowing who to talk to?

When things happen in life, it is easy for friends to try and come to your rescue, but sometimes they just don't understand. As an unbiased third party I can provide support, help you get along better in your relationship as a gay or lesbian couple, figure out where to go and manage emotions. You and I both know that relationships change over time. It may feel like you are out of sync. You are not alone!

Sometimes it can appear difficult to change old destructive or toxic behaviors and patterns in order to find new solutions. When you realize that what you have been doing for quite some time - and maybe all your life - no longer serve you anymore - then what? How do you break the cycle? How do you move on? How do you challenge yourself to become the best you - you can be?

I would like to help. Please don't go one more day. I'd like to hear your story. You can email me or Call Today 949 287 3415 to learn more about LGBT counseling options for the Orange County, Long Beach and L.A area (kink, poly, queer welcomed).

Having lived it, I understand the complexity of the personal and societal layers that influence, add additional stress or may set the agenda for growth in your gay or lesbian life and relationship. I continue to promote awareness about gay and lesbian issues and can meet you where you are at on your personal journey. Parents, family and friends of the LGBT community are a big part of the support network. Individual, partner or same sex marriage counseling is a safe way to grow, heal and work on relationships, coming out, your family, same sex marriage issues, fertility treatments, child adoption, pregnancy, motherhood / fatherhood, gay and lesbian parenting, divorce, discrimination, LGBT and gay rights, immigration, fitting in, grief, loss and multicultural or cross-cultural issues.

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Affirmative Therapy

I am a multilingual (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German and English) gay and lesbian affirmative therapist who is sensitive to your issues. My experience working with LGBT couples and the community shows that there are ways to better communication, saving a marriage or relationship, having a less combative break up and overcome stress.

I offer daytime + evening hours. I speak English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German.

Don't wait one more day - Call me today (949) 287 3415 or send me an email.